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When it comes to the Top 3 priorities in a property (residential or commercial), security is vital. It is the cornerstone of property/ occupant safety, and we are confident, Telcam is your “one-stop shop” for all your security needs. Our Grade 2, Insurance Approved SMART Alarm Systems, link to a free, subscription-free app, which allows notification, control & the option to enable police response.

A base layer of protection is established with the use of motion detectors. A further layer of protection is then implemented with the use of vibration detectors (allowing for potential intruders to be detected immediately upon attempting to breach the perimeter of the property, i.e. crowbar, lock-drilling or breaking glass).

This additional level of perimeter protection alerts the intruder, they have been detected before they have successfully breached the perimeter, via the external & internal siren triggers – minimising damage, maximising safety & alerting the neighbourhood/ local police force & all residents/ occupants within seconds of an attempted perimeter breach, for the safest outcome, to an occurrence which could’ve possibly resulted in a life-changing incident.

Want to know how to prevent unwanted access, in areas with high footfall? Look into our range of Access Control Solutions.


Telcam SMART Alarm System provides you maximum protection and control over your security from wherever you are in the world.


Your Insurance/ Security Consultant may require a specific level or grade of security system. No need to worry, Telcam offers solutions to serve all security requirements, in all sizes of property & scale of projects. Our NSI Gold Approved teams are on hand 24/7 to help achieve your desired level of security, without any limitations or compromises.

Depending on the elements which need to be addressed, our services can encompass further physical protection systems, such as Lockdown protocols for Gates, Access Control, Security Shutters, Security Fog Systems & Automatic Bollards. Contact us here to find out more.

Insurance Approved Business Alarm System


    What is a SMART Alarm System?

    A Smart Alarm System is a security system that allows you to receive push notifications of an alarm trigger and user activity on systems. It allows for you to activate & deactivate the system remotely (from anywhere in the globe), via an encrypted app on your smartphone or tablet. It can be connected to the internet via the existing home broadband service or an additional standalone internet provision (4G router).

    Are SMART Alarms Safe?

    Yes, but be aware. Not all smart alarm systems are insurance approved Grade 2 systems, so always be wary of the products you are offered, as you could be subject to unencrypted apps leading to data breaches and worse! Contact us for more information.

    Can SMART Alarm Systems Work On Any Sized Property?

    Smart Alarms are designed for any type/scale of property. In residential applications, they can monitor your home to alert you on usage/ intrusion attempts as well as arm/ disarm the alarm. In commercial applications, they can also help you remotely manage properties, for example, notifications on when your store/ business has been opened/ closed and which staff member carried out the arm/ disarm procedure.

    Do I need to have my intruder alarm system maintained yearly?

    We would certainly recommend it, solely due to our experience with all of the best security systems available on the planet. They all work well when installed, but there is a chance their may be faults in the background, which due to their nature aren’t being shown on the system menu (i.e. a faulty movement detector which is connecting to the alarm system with an ‘OK status’, but isn’t transferring any detected movement to an alert signal on the main alarm system)

    We make sure the system you paid for, is 100% fully functional by:

    – Checking to see all detection devices, trigger the main alarm system

    – Checking there aren’t any obstructions in the property which may block the detectors, making them less effective, and notifying you in a report, as well as immediately on site.

    – Checking, the main alarm system is activating the correct protocol when triggered (i.e. calling occupants, activating sirens, notifying monitoring station for police response, triggering a lockdown event – such as locking all doors, activating security shutters, security bollards to block vehicle entry to premises and more…)

    – Checking the backup batteries within the system are capable of supporting the system for 8-12 hours as per regulation. (using specialised test equipment & calculations)

    – Overall Security Check to ensure property isn’t easily accessible/ vulnerable (i.e. ladders left on site unsecured by client, allowing easy access to possibly open windows on 1st floor etc.)

    Alongside the benefits of system inspection & maintenance. You’re support cover with Telcam, is automatically renewed for the following year. To find out more about Telcam’s 24/7 internal support service (TelcamCover) contact us.

    Grade 2 Control: Your
    Stay connected

    Our SMART wireless control panel include safety and security automation. The system provides outstanding wireless connectivity using Z-wave technology, this will ensure you are always protected. It also comes with a free mobile app that has no monthly charges. For added safety, you can link the control panel with police response. The control panel also features an in-built siren and can support up to 64 zones.

    PIR Camera Detector:
    Get images of the
    incident live

    The Photo Detector has an integrated mini camera that enables the alarm to capture colour images, even at night. When the alarm is activated, any movement will be recorded as an image sequence. You can also take images of your home whenever you like by simply using an App on your mobile. So now you can confirm an alarm within seconds.

    Two-way touchscreen wireless
    keypad: Intelligent control

    Our wireless keypad has been specially designed so that children and the elderly find it easy to use. Using the decorative proximity tags, which easily fit on a keychain, any user – young or old – can easily arm/disarm the system, initiate fire and panic alarms and review the system status. The large, icon-based display is clear and appealing, and the keypad replaces the need for costly keyfobs.

    Wireless Digital PIR:
    PET immune motions sensor

    SMART dual-function indoor PIR motion detector that offers reliable motion detection and temperature monitoring performance. The digital PIR has a sleek, modern look that blends in with any décor. It is perfectly shaped for unobtrusive corner placement.

    Pet-immune – Target Specific Imaging distinguishes between humans and pets weighing up to 38 kg (85 lb)

    Insurance Approved Home Alarm System

      Wireless Magnetic Contact: Designed for windows and doors

      Fully supervised two-way magnetic contact transmitter, designed primarily for protecting doors and windows. This highly reliable top-performance wireless device has a transmission range far greater than the industry standard, employs the proven AES-128 (128 bit key) advanced encryption algorithm for correct message identification and protects the alarm system from code grabbing and other attacks.

      4 Button Key-fobs / Easy arming tags

      Slim 4-button key-fob that is used to perform most of the common alarm commands: arming and disarming, emergency signalling, panic alarm and viewing the system status.

      Proximity tags – Small and easy to use, these proximity tags can be placed on a keychain for easy access to the premises. The user simply places the tag next to the reader to arm or disarm the system. These are great for users who have trouble remembering codes or for those that do not interact with the system regularly. Available in eight different colours, they are suitable for premises with multiple users.

      Two way wireless external bell – with an advanced piezo.

      With its sleek design hexagonal and robust weatherproof housing it goes with nearly every house exterior. It has a high power strobe light integrated with a loud 110dB Piezo siren.

      Also, our wireless bell has a transmission range which is far greater than the industry standard – enabling repeater free installations even in large premises.

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