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How To Choose The Right Security System For Your New Home

When moving into a new property, it is easy to forget how vital it is to safeguard your property as quickly as possible, especially if you are moving into an area that you are unfamiliar with. Some properties will already have a system in place, where you can assess what level of security it is currently and see if you are happy with that and can improve on it or alternatively completely start afresh with your own new system. Perhaps the property that you have moved into doesn’t have a security system in place at all, making it highly important to find the best security system for your home and take action on it. Having a security system in place not only provides you peace of mind that you are as safe as possible when you are at home, but it may also function as a deterrent for thieves, preventing them from attempting anything if they notice that you have one in place.

Are you in an apartment or house?

If you live in an apartment, a video system will almost always be installed at the front at the first line of entry, but if you live in a house, this would be a must-have security feature. Furthermore, having an outdoor as well as an interior system might be critical in ensuring that you are entirely at peace and as safe as possible in your home.

Are you looking for a wired or wireless home security system?

Technology has progressed widely in security systems from once only being able to wire in your security system in your home to now getting the same kind of security through a wireless system that is portable and you don’t have to worry about installation costs. There are pluses and minuses to both ways of installation and could be dependent on many factors such as whether you are renting or have bought your property, if it is a house or apartment, whether you want to take it with you when you are to move again and most importantly, preference.
Type Wireless Security System Wired Security System
Sensors A wireless system uses sensors which then communicate with your main control panel, this is done through radio frequency technology which makes them connected together A wired system is connected to the control panel manually, through a connected network of wires that are hidden within your properties home in your walls and floors
Monitoring Centre Wireless systems connect to your main box control panel using a cellular connection (WiFi) meaning that you don’t have to worry about the connection being through manual wires Wired systems are connected through a home telephone line or ethernet cable connecting using the WiFi and connecting into the monitoring centre manually
Power A wireless system is battery-operated meaning that it is easy to power but it is important to note that they need to be replaced when they run out Wired systems are instead plugged into a normal wall outlet in your property or alternatively hardwired into your properties electrical system
Installation Wireless systems are easy to install in your property and can be done yourself – estimated installation time is around approx 5 hours for a bigger house but depends on the size of your property Wired systems are much more in-depth in installation as they need an engineer to know how to install it correctly throughout your home and because of this it could take approximately 2 days to fit the system into a bigger home but depends on the size of your property
Costs Wireless are more expensive to buy in the beginning however they are easier to install and can do it yourself without causing any disruption Wired systems are cheaper to purchase but you have the added cost of hiring someone for installation along with potentially causing external decoration damage fitting cables into the wall and throughout your property
Aesthetic Wireless are cleaner in the design as they have no wires and you don’t have to worry about causing a disruption when installing it  While Wired systems look similar in design to wired, they may show a number of wires throughout your home as sensors, over doors, windows etc
Accuracy Wireless were once considered to be more likely to false alarm however most systems have come a long way since and are unlikely to do this however insects crawling over the PIR lens can still cause this to happen Wired systems are considered to be more reliable as they are wired into your home however this can also go against them as mains failures, power cuts can cause them to false alarm. Again, insects crawling over the PIR lens can still cause this to happen
Most Secure Wireless systems were once considered easier to break with jam RF signals, however most systems are designed to have anti-jamming detection within their systems.  Wired systems are extremely secure however if a cable were to be cut, accidentally or deliberately, it would require an engineer to come out and repair the system before it is fully functioning again 

Look at crimes in the area from the past few years

As difficult as it is to accept that this terrible event could happen to you and your family, it is critical that you are informed of the most common crimes committed so that you can determine which aspects of your security system should be prioritised.

If you’re aware that a number of car thefts have occurred recently, you already know how important it is to install a proper safe gate at the front of your home to prevent a thief from ever attempting to enter your property.

Data taken from Eco Experts.

Your Ability To Alter The Property’s Exterior & Interior

If you are moving into a rented property, you may be limited in your ability to change the structure of the property. If you are renting the house but want to stay long-term or indefinitely, it may be worth speaking with your landlord to see what they are OK with you doing and whether they are willing to split the expense with you.

Consider Your Budget

With so many security systems to choose from, it’s crucial to think about your home’s budget and what you can afford to get the most value for money. Most security systems (including installation) cost between £150 and £650 on average. Telcam, a security company, has a team of experts on hand to assist you in determining the finest system for your needs while staying within your budget.