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How To Keep Your Car Safe In A Busy Car Park

While we all use car parks on a daily basis and do not think too much about it, they can be areas that see a large number of accidents whether that be bumps, scrapes, or even thefts. When owning a fleet of cars, the chances of falling victim to such instances increase dramatically due to the sheer volume of vehicles that you have. 

More often than not, car parks state that vehicles are left at their own risk. This means that they will take zero responsibility for any thefts, scrapes or bumps that happen in their lots. This can make the problem far more difficult to resolve than it should be. 

Making sure that your vehicles are sufficiently secure is a very smart way to avoid any unwanted events happening anywhere, but especially in car parks. With a high volume of fleet vehicles it is guaranteed that your vehicles will be passing through and parking in car parks that are not as secure as others and protecting them could save you a lot of money and stress. 

There are a number of different precautions that you can take to ensure that your vehicles are as safe as possible when unattended and parked up.

Vehicle Dash Cams

Another phenomenal way of securing your car in any car park is through vehicle security cameras. These cameras offer a level of protection that a secure car park surveillance system cannot. These cameras can catch the close-up details that a car park’s cameras cannot, which can make it far easier to find out what exactly happened. 

There are two different types of vehicle security cameras, a typical dash cam only works once the ignition has been switched on. Whereas you can get a hold of dash cameras that are constantly on. 


A camera that is constantly recording will catch everything that happens, even when the car is turned off and parked up. They instantly start recording once they detect any form of movement around the car. This means that you will catch any incidents that occur and can therefore be far more confident about the safety and security of your vehicle. 

In addition to this, having a visible vehicle security camera system is a huge deterrent to any potential thieves. But in the event of a break in you have all the evidence you need to be able to prosecute the criminal.

Vehicle Alarm Systems

Vehicle alarm systems are one of the most simple yet effective ways of keeping your vehicles safe, not just in a car park but in any location where they may be parked. They are a hugely effective deterrent and are also extremely effective at letting anybody around know what is going on.  

Car alarms work as there are multiple different sensors in different locations within the car, and once they have been triggered they give off an extremely loud siren to alert anyone around of the attempted break-in. This will not turn off unless you have the key for the car. 


This is more often than not enough to make the thief flee the scene. You can also have alarms that send a notification to your phone via a text message or phone call to alert you that your alarm has been sounded which can then help you to act faster and contact the authorities. 

It is incredibly important to make sure that these alarm systems are working at all times as they are a hugely important safety feature of any vehicle and are a brilliant way of ensuring that your vehicles are safe when parked in any car park.


    Always Park In Secure Car Parks

    One of the simplest ways of protecting your vehicles is to always park in secure car parks. While this can never fully prevent any accidents, it will ensure that your vehicle is as safe as it can be when parked up. These car parks are also typically heavily surveillance, so even if a theft occurred or any type of body damage, it would be on camera.  

    While these car parks are typically more expensive, they are always worth the extra costs for the safety and the peace of mind that you get. These secure lots have increased safety, security and privacy that all help to keep your vehicle safe while parked in the lot.

    Quick Tips To Keep Your Car Safe In A Car Park

    Ensure Your Car Is Locked – While this may sound obvious, you would be very surprised at how many people forget to lock their cars. Double-check that you have locked your vehicle before leaving your vehicle to ensure maximum safety and security. 

    Do Not Leave Valuables On Show – When leaving your car in a car park you should always ensure that you do not leave any valuables on show. This will hugely reduce the chances of your car being broken into. On the flip side, leaving valuables visible within your car will significantly increase the chances of your car being broken into. 

    Park Properly – Make sure that you park perfectly between the lines. If your car is not parked straight and within the lines then it leaves your car at a higher risk of being scratched or dented by other motorists parking in the spaces on either side of you. 

    Reverse Park – Reverse parking into a space in a tight car park can make it far easier to manoeuvre out of a space when you leave. This means that there will be less chance of you bumping into anything and damaging your car. It also means that you will have the best line of vision when vacating a spot so you can see any obstructions or other cars.

     Fold Wing Mirrors – Folding your mirrors is a super simple way of ensuring that other motorists do not hit your wing mirrors when parking up or leaving a parking space. This will also mean that there is more space for the drivers on either side of you to get out of their vehicles without hitting yours. 

    Drive Slowly – Secure car parks are often very narrow and tight. You should therefore drive at a very steady speed to ensure that you manoeuvre both in and out of the car park without hitting any bollards or posts that may be within the car park. 

    Look At The Car You’re Parking Next To – Observing the cars that you are parking next to is always a good idea to help you determine just how safe your car is in a particular spot. If the cars on either side of your vehicle have multiple dents, scrapes and scratches then they may not be the best vehicles to park next to. This shows that their driver is not as careful about the safety of their vehicle and will therefore also not be as careful about the safety of your vehicle.