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How To Make Sure Your Commercial Vehicles Are Fully Secure

Unfortunately in the UK car thefts are becoming increasingly popular. According to Carmoola, over 58000 cars were stolen in 2023 which equates to around 159 new cars every day, with the most popular car brands being Audi, BMW, Ford Fiestas, Mercedes and Land Rovers. What makes these facts even more shocking is that this is a whopping 56% increase from 2021. 

With these scary statistics showing just how prevalent vehicle theft crimes are currently within the UK, securing your personal vehicles and even more so your commercial fleet vehicles are needed now more than ever. There are a number of different ways that you can increase the security of your vehicles to hopefully increase car theft prevention.

Increasing The Safety Of Your Vehicles

Even if you would class your area as safe, it is never a bad idea to increase the safety of your vehicles. More often than not fleet vehicles will travel all over the country and will be in different locations all the time. This undoubtedly increases their chances of being stolen a fair amount as they will travel to locations where these crimes may be more prevalent.

While there are many top tips that people often hear to help prevent people from wanting to steal cars such as putting valuables in a locked glove box, steering wheel locks, double checking you have locked your car, not leaving your car running, parking in a well-lit area, and so much more, this often still does not deter criminals.

Increasing the security of your vehicle will not only help you to rest easy but will also help to bring down car insurance premiums as your insurance company will see your vehicle as less of a risk or hassle.

In this article, we will detail a few different ways that you can increase the security of not only your commercial fleet vehicles but also increase the security of your personal motor vehicles. These tips could end up saving you a whole lot of stress and money down the line as they prevent you from falling victim to this crime on the rise.

Car Tracking Devices

Car tracking devices are undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about vehicle security. While they do not necessarily fully prevent your car from being stolen, they make your car far easier to find and retrieve in the unfortunate event of car theft. They are hugely effective as a thief would have no knowledge of the tracker, making it extremely simple to find the stolen car.

With fleet vehicles, tracking devices allow you to monitor where the vehicles are travelling and also allow you to see any unexpected diversions that could potentially be signs of theft.

With fleet vehicles, you will commonly know where the car should be parked between specific times and will be notified if they aren’t. In the event of a theft, you can also have police sent out promptly to the location of the vehicle via a monitoring station.

These tracking devices also allow you to pinpoint certain locations and certain times that the vehicle should arrive at the destination. They will also notify you once the vehicle has reached the destination so that you know the vehicle is safe. If your vehicle does not turn up at its expected destination then you can live track the vehicle and notify the police instantly of its location which hugely increases your chance of recovering the vehicle.

Car Alarms

Another very common and very effective way of securing your vehicle is through car alarms. They can be an extremely effective deterrent to car thieves when trying to break into a car as they can alert the surrounding public about a potential theft who can then alert the police.

While pretty much all modern cars are fitted with car alarm systems, it is hugely important to regularly make sure that they are in full working order as they can be the difference between your car being stolen and not stolen.

Car alarms work through sensors that are located at different points throughout your vehicle. Once these sensors have been disrupted, the car alarm will be triggered and will let off a very powerful and loud siren that will alert the public of what is going on. More advanced car alarms will also alert the owner via text or phone call when the alarm has been triggered.

Proximity Chips

Proximity chips are without a doubt one of the most secure and safe ways of preventing car thefts. They are also some of the most advanced ways of securing your fleet vehicles and can help you to rest easy knowing your vehicles are secure. 

On average to break into a vehicle using computer software it takes around 44 seconds to steal a vehicle. Proximity chips completely negate this as they ensure that the engine can only start when the chip is present. Without the key fob with the chip, the engine is fully immobilised and therefore is almost impossible to steal. This is incredibly effective to use on a fleet of cars to ensure that they are fully secure even when travelling all around the country. 

Proximity chips have a huge amount of security benefits that make them well worth the money. One of its main benefits is that a keyless entry fob is far more difficult to clone than a traditional car key, they are also far less susceptible to wear and tear that can make your locks vulnerable. Vulnerable locks can make it far easier for a crook to access a car. 


    Dash Cams

    Dash cams are an incredibly effective way of securing your vehicle. While dash cams are traditionally used for insurance purposes and in the event of a crash, they can also be very useful in the event of theft. Most dash cams have the ability to instantly upload footage via the cloud and you can therefore obtain footage from your vehicle in an instant. 

    Not only are dash cams a great visual deterrent for most thieves but they can also help police to locate the vehicle once stolen and therefore increase the chance of finding the stolen vehicle.

    Most dash cams only start recording once the vehicle is switched on, which can help to locate the car. However you can also get more advanced dash cams that are always on, these can help you to identify and see the individual breaking into your vehicle. 

    Having footage of the crime taking place will not only help you to retrieve your stolen car, but it will also help the police to identify and therefore charge the thief. Also, just having the dash cam visible can often be more than enough of a deterrent to keep opportunistic thieves away from committing the crime.  

    Vehicle Electrical Diagnostics

    This is a hugely important part of ensuring that your motor vehicles are 100% safe and secure. A huge amount of thefts occur due to electrical faults in vehicles which mean that they are far easier to steal than they should be.

    In your vehicles, everything important is pretty much electronically controlled such as the locking system, starting motor, battery and all of the wiring that links it all together. This means that faults to any of these can make your vehicle extremely vulnerable.

    If your vehicle has electrical faults then the fact of the matter is that its security could be fully compromised. The main concern would be that the central locking system fails, therefore not allowing you to lock your vehicle and then making it far more susceptible to theft.

    Making sure that all of your electrical systems are working correctly will not only ensure that the car is fully safe to drive but will also ensure that your car is as secure as it can be. It will help to avoid any electrical faults which compromise the safety of your motor vehicle and also gives you peace of mind that everything is in full working order.

    Vehicle Security At Telcam

    With car thefts on the rise, there is no better time than now to ensure that your commercial fleets are fully secure. If you are looking to secure your commercial vehicles and fleets then Telcam is the UK’s leading vehicle security supplier. Our state-of-the-art hardware, wireless monitoring and control, and 24/7 customer support have made us an industry leader in car security, helping countless car and fleet owners save money and achieve peace of mind.