Public Sector

Intruder Alarm
In Businesses, intruder alarms are an ever-growing necessity. From providing you detailed information on your staff via phone app (when they leave and come into work, specific user profiles set up), to protecting assets with police response systems and protecting staff with both hardwired and remote panic buttons.
CCTV is a must in the public sector.
  • Being able to monitor staff activity(both video and audio), ensuring quality control in your own business
  • Having evidence of any event at any time (24/7 recording)
  • Being able to view your assets online from anywhere in the world
With our system you can do all of this with great ease.
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Fire Alarm
Fire alarms are a legal requirement in a lot of premises, as they should be. With Telcam, we offer 24/7 installation, customer support and maintenance. If you have a problem with a fire alarm system, you may not be legally able to open your premises and be covered by insurance, unfortunate events could result in you even being sued or imprisoned for not having appropriate fire systems in working order, which can have a damaging effect on your business. With Telcam, you can contact us and have an entire team sent to you, resolving the issue overnight (24/7) to make sure you can open your doors the next morning without a worry.
Access Control
Sometimes simple signs, such as ‘staff only’ are not enough to keep unwanted visitors at bay. Therefore, we have access control systems that can keep the doors locked, and allowing you to speak to and see who is at the door before you let them in.
Security Lighting
Security lighting is useful around the perimeter of the building. Whenever there is movement, the light shines onto the area in question, illuminating the area, showing the possible threat that they are being monitored.
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Being in the industry for over 20 years has made us very experienced in finding vulnerable areas of your premises. With our professional design team, we can help maximise your protection for a very affordable price!


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