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Feeling safe in your own home is a feeling that every home owner should have. Making our customers feel secure in their own home is what we strive for every working day. With 25 years’ experience in the home security business, our expert team has the skill and knowledge to help you make your home safer.

Protecting your home with a home security system could benefit you and your family. Every 45 seconds in the UK, there is an attempted burglary, and every 76 seconds, it’s successful. If that isn’t reason enough to invest in a security system here is a list of reasons why you should:

Feel more secure with home security. Whether you are looking to install home CCTV security in your home or home from home, CCTV systems are becoming a much more popular and cost effective way of monitoring your home while you are out.

It may not just be your home which requires the attention but other areas which can be more vulnerable in the dark winter months such as your outdoor areas, driveways, gardens, and garages.

Protect Your Valuables

Working hard for our valuables is what makes them very special to us. Whether it is furniture electronics, jewelry, or other high-value losing these items to a home invasion can be a devastating loss. Whatever level protection you are looking for we supply security systems and CCTV London based.

On the other side of the coin, when an heirloom is stolen the real tragedy is that it cannot be replaced. Feeling safe in your home is important and keeping items that are dear to you close may have you and your family heartbroken If your home was to be broken into.

By installing a home security, it will not only scare off many would-be burglars but it can notify your local authorities if someone does manage to enter your home without permission.

Safer Communities

First of all, you will feel safer with a home security system. Studies have shown that if the number of home security systems increases in an area, there will be a decrease in  the number of residential robberies for that specific area.

Robberies often ruin neighbourhood spirit and can often put the older community on edge making it an unenjoyable place to live.

Furthermore, by installing a home security system, it will not only protect you, but it will benefit your neighbourhood as a whole, creating a safer and happier community.

Remote Access to Your Home Security System

Being able to monitor your home with a remote access security system is one of the most attractive aspects of home security.  See what is happening in your home while you are on holiday or at work with our security system. A security system will give you control on what is happening in your home.

You are leaving your home vulnerable by not having a security system installed. Did you know 70% of home burglaries 2010/2011 did not have a home alarm system? Fire, burglaries, and vandalism can have serious effects on your life and to your loved ones. A Tel Cam monitored alarm enables you to be protected 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We also provide Police monitored alarm systems contact us for more details.

Lower Home Insurance with Home Security

Once you have your security system installed to make sure you inform your insurance suppliers. Did you know having a security system can lower your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%? This is just one of many benefits of investing in a home security system.

It is not only your home and belongs that need to be kept safe while you are away from your property. Reports from this year have stated that Dog theft has risen by 22% in two years in England and Wales!

Figures from UK police forces have reported that at least 5,288 dogs reported stolen since 2013. They have calculated that 1,490 taken in 2013, 1,599 in 2014 and 1,776 in 2015. In the first four months of this year, there were a reported 423 thefts.


Fire Protection and Security Systems

Depending on which system you choose you can opt for a system which will send you notifications from your smoke alarm.

Making sure your home has a fire alarm is vital. The majority of fires and fire-related fatalities in the UK are domestic. In 2014/15, 80% of all fire-related fatalities occurred in the home. Last year saw 39,600 dwelling fires, 88% of which were accidental.  Accidents happen, but ultimately, they are avoidable.

  • In 31% of domestic fires, there was no smoke alarm
  • In 19% of domestic fires a fire alarm was present, but it was not operational


Protect Your Home and Family with Home Security

Modern technology has allowed security system users to monitor and watch what is happening at their home while they are at work or away on a business trip. Home security camera systems will allow you keep a close eye on your valuables. Feel more relaxed while your home is unmanned with a home security system.


Safer, Happier Home with Home Security Systems


Feel happier in your home with a sense of security that you will gain with home security systems. Our systems are especially relevant if you have valuables in your home that mean a lot to yo. Rest easy knowing that your home is being protected with our Tel Cam system.

Give your home a Tel Cam security system that will add an extra layer of defence against any potential intruders. Our home security systems can be installed whether you rent or own. You and your family will feel safer while enjoying the benefits of having a security system.

For more information of any of our CCTV or security solutions give us a call today! With 25 years in the business, one of our expert team will be on hand to help you with the next step to a more secure home.