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Employee Safety with Security Systems


Working in an environment with no security system can cause some employees anxiety at work. Employees may become anxious as they will see their place of work as an easy target. Having no security system will also leave your employees in a vulnerable position. If your staff member witnesses a customer or fellow employee stealing, they will have no proof.

No matter what environment your employees work in, it is important that they are made to feel safe and secure in their working environment.

Due to technology, having a wireless security system is easier than ever. Whether you work remotely or not, you can control your business’ security system with a remote control. This means that if you are out of office and an employee does witnesses suspicious behaviour, you will be able to control certain factors which can keep them safe.

A security system in the work place keeps everyone safe and your employees will appreciate the lengths you have gone to protect them, making them happier and more productive employees.


CCTV UK: Reduce inventory theft

At one point your business will probably face the risk of internal or external theft. The annual bill for UK retail crime soared to £613m last year – the highest level since records began.

If you are considering installing a security system into your place of work or business, make sure that it is installed in a prominent, noticeable location. If your security system can be seen it will reduce the chance of theft in your business.

Chances are if someone goes to steal from your business and they notice a security camera, they will avoid the chance of getting caught and give up.

CTTV installation will benefit your business in many ways and it will help the community as a whole by reducing vandalism and petty crime.

Lower Insurance with CCTV kits

Investing in a professional security system or CCTV kits will not only protect your business, but it will also reduce the rates you are paying in insurance.

By taking the security of your business into your own hands, it will minimize risk of your business being targeted by criminals, meaning your insurance company will lower your payments.

Vehicle Security UK

Are you looking for effective vehicle security? If you own multiple vehicles or are a business owner which deals with multiple methods of transportation, then it may be in your best interests to invest in vehicle security.

The figures are not looking great for businesses who own vehicles and in the UK over a million vehicles are broken into or vandalised each year!

This has caused UK business owners thousands of pounds and has resulted in two hundred thousand vehicles being stolen.

Factory security systems for vehicles, simply do not provide enough protection. If you are looking for advanced protection, Tel Cam’s systems will provide you with an intelligent, not to mention powerful, security solution

Vehicle security services we provide:

  • CAT 1 Vehicle Alarms (Insurance approved)
  • Fleet Management Solutions
  • CAT 2 Immobile (Insurance approved)
  • Navigation systems
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Blue-tooth Hands-free kits
  • Vehicle Cameras and Recording devices
  • Deadlocks
  • Electromagnetic diablocks
  • Window Tinting/Films
  • Reversing Sensors
  • Reversing Cameras
  • Central Locking
  • Electric Windows
  • Boot Release
  • Remote Start
  • Vehicle Lights


All of our equipment is specialised, tested and installed by professional security and CCTV installers. Our Fleet Management solution allows vehicle owners to monitor/track vehicles, from anywhere in the world.

This high tech technology allows vehicle owners to use the technology on an unlimited number of vehicles, making it a superb investment!

If you want extra protection for your vehicles, then Tel Cam have gone above and beyond for our customers and offer an emergency callout service, for clients with vehicle alarm or immobiliser problems.

Tel Cam is an authorised dealer for many prestigious brands including Clifford and Cobra.


Business CCTV systems


It is impossible to run a business and still be on the front line with your staff – you would have to have eyes on the back of your head! It is not always possible for you or your management to know what your staff is doing at all times of the day.

CCTV systems can help you manage your staff more efficiently.  Having CCTV will allow you to record what time they arrive and leave and will help you monitor their productivity throughout the working day.

CCTV kits allow you to run your business from anywhere and with this in the back of your staff’s mind, means that they will work much more efficiently. A security system will allow you to carry on with your own work in an office which may be behind the scenes.


Security & CCTV for Business


We have 25 years of experience in supplying and installing  security systems and CCTV for business. Choosing a professional to install your security system is vital for the safety of your business.

No matter what size of business you run, there is a whole list of benefits which you could gain after installing a security system. Looking after a business can be stressful enough without even thinking about security.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to maintain a safe and secure work space. Make sure your business is fully covered by installing modern security equipment. Security systems are there to protect your business while it is open and when it is closed.